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FutureMachinery Ltd. Co. In ZheJiang province is developed from DongHua Medicine Processing Machinery Ltd. Co. I n RuiAn city. The company has always aimed at developing medicine processing machine of China, passing beyond European production level of ompetitive machine, and researching and developing new medicine processing machine in advance. Holding a concept of “uman centered, develop and return to country”, we have continuously offered more effective,more intelligent, lower energy consumption and more steady new products, which went over with all levels of government and won powerful support and recognition of customers. The company takes blister packing machine and smart blister packing machine as two series leading products. And corresponding auxiliary machines are also produced to meet customers' demands and f or them to use conveniently.With production capacity of more than 300 units (or sets) and output value of over ¥50,000,000, our products have been a... [Detailed]
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